Why Invest In Malaysia

Economic Strength

  • Natural resources – oil, gas, tin, timber, palm oil, rubber
  • GDP growth – 5.5-6% (2018)
  • Unemployment rate – 3.2-3.5%
  • Inflation(CPI) – 2.0-3.0%
  • Net FDI: RM39.2bil in 2017 (2016: RM47.2bil)
  • International reserves: USD103.9 billion (as at 15 March 2018), 7.3 months of retained imports and 1.1 times the short-term external debt.
  • Ringgit: Appreciated by 10.4% against USD in 2017
  • OPR: Unchanged at 3.00% in 2017 (2016: 3.00%)

Supportive Government Policies

  • Pro-business policies
  • Responsive Government
  • Liberal investment policies
  • Attractive tax and other incentives
  • Liberal exchange control regime
  • Intellectual property protection

An Educated Workforce

  • Talented, young, educated and productive workforce
  • Multilingual workforce speaking two or three languages, including English
  • Comprehensive system of vocational and industrial training, including advanced skills training
  • Harmonious industrial relations with minimal trade disputes

Developed Infrastructure

  • Network of well-maintained highways and railways
  • Well-equipped seaports and airports
  • High quality telecommunications network and services
  • Fully developed industrial parks, including free industrial zones, technology parks and Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC)

A Vibrant Business Environment

  • Market-oriented economy
  • Well-developed financial and banking sector, including the Labuan International Offshore Financial Centre
  • Wide use of English, especially in business
  • Legal and accounting practice based on the British system
  • Large local business community with long history in international business
  • Large foreign business community in all business sectors

Quality of Life

  • Friendly and hospitable Malaysians
  • Safe and comfortable living environment
  • Excellent housing, modern amenities, good healthcare and medical facilities
  • Excellent educational institutions including international schools for expatriate children
  • World-class recreational and sports facilities
  • Excellent shopping with goods from all over the world